3 Things We Learnt About Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud’s New EP

charlie darker far too loud

To describe two electronic music producers collaborating to “creating a new sound” is overused. But in the case of Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud’s new EP, it’s actually true.

We’ve said before that Far Too Loud is widely regarded as one of the most technically accomplished producers in bass music. We’ve been fans of Charlie Darker for some time, too. With this in mind, the combination of Far Too Loud’s “aggressive funk” and Charlie’s hard-hitting electro has resulted in something genuinely unique.

We hung out with Charlie Darker during Miami Music Week this past March, so it was a real treat to chat again with him from his studio in California about his two new tracks, Nail Gun and Squirm. Here’s what you should know in advance of Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud’s EP release on Big Beat on November 6.

The first track Nail Gun was an instant collab

“The song that turned into Nail Gun was first brought by Oli (Far Too Loud). When I heard it, I asked him why he hadn’t released it yet and he told me, ‘Because it sounded too much like your music.’ So working together was immediately cohesive in that sense. I like to name tracks how they sound. Oli came up with the title because it sounds like two people with nail guns…he really nailed it on the head with that one.” (pun not intended)

The sounds draw from some unusual places…

“We dug pretty deep in the crates…we were inspired by a whole bunch of 90s track you would’ve never listened to, but give it authenticity. Oli even watched this horribly rated horror movie called Squirm and that’s also what inspired the second track, and obviously its title.

We pulled sounds from some really weird places, and I think that’s one of the things that makes this EP really special to us.

It wasn’t just two people with synths, we were both very clear on the new direction we wanted and we stay inspired by each other, which is ultimately why I love to collaborate – especially with Oli.”

The EP pushes boundaries of sound and genre without going overboard

“With this EP, we wanted to see how far we could go without being categorized as one genre or something that’s already been done. We drew from a lot of different places.

“We wanted to make sounds your brain hasn’t heard before. All the sounds are original and made from scratch; we used a lot of a synth called Serum and custom wavetables to produce meticulously crafted sounds, turning every knob we could think of while still keeping it cohesive, listenable and exciting. The big thing for us is that when you’re making sounds this crazy, you have to keep it modern –  making sure it’s something people haven’t heard before, but not too crazy that they can still appreciate.

With all this future ‘insert genre here’ music, we wanted to take our own route on making modern music. You don’t  have to be a dubstep guy to like this EP – it can still be cutting edge and still be for you.”

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