Drum&BassArena Awards 2016: 4 Days Left To Vote


It’s that time of year again: Drum&BassArena are hosting their eight annual awards on December 7. And you have until midnight Monday to make sure your vote is heard.

This year it seems especially important to get involved and vote.

Firstly – 2016 has been a killer year for drum & bass. There’s a brilliant wealth of new talent and new labels coming through, the old guard have returned with some great and hugely relevant work, many high profile artists have set up their own labels and the amount of really well considered, crafted albums can’t be denied. This needs to be recognised and supported as much as possible.

Secondly – Brexit, Trump, DJ Mag Top 100… We’re living in divided times. Don’t assume the same guys will always win, that the man next to you is going to vote for something with any level or thought, that your timeline is actual reflection of what’s going on. Vote to make sure you’ve had your say, got involved and shown love for the music that’s really switched you on this year.

Thirdly – see point one. 2016 has been flipping gully year for great drum & bass from all over the world.

The first round of voting closes midnight Monday BST October 24. You’ve got the weekend, basically. Don’t sleep on this. Or do sleep on it… But don’t complain about it after.

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