500 injured in explosion at Taiwan rave

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Tragedy struck a rave in Taiwan on Saturday night as powdered body paint sprayed onto a large crowd at a rave ignited under the heat of the lights in a fireball, leaving hundreds in critical condition.

CNN have reported that the Taiwanese Ministry Of Health & Welfare have made an urgent appeal for medical supplies and skin grafts since the explosion on Saturday June 27. The event, held at Formosa Fun Coast amusement park in New Taipei City, was hosted by promoters Color Play who have created a popular brand of parties across Asia (pictured) where the revelers are sprayed in powder that becomes soluble with sweat and effectively paints the party.

While these events have occurred incident-free for several years, this particular party (which was Color Party’s Taiwanese debut) suffered a fireball effect where the powder ignited almost instantly. CNN reported this morning that of the 498 injured 202 are in critical condition and 182 are in intensive care units. Reports from witnesses state that the explosion happened too quickly for anyone to run to safety and that rubber rings from the waterpark were being used as makeshift stretchers to pull seriously injured party-goers to safety.

Five men have been questioned and two arrested; thought to be the promoter and the engineer in charge of the equipment. For more details read the full story.

The event was also captured on video by YouTube user Kao Jeremy. Watch at your discretion, it’s every party-goer’s worst nightmare. Our thoughts are with those who experienced this horrific event.

Image source: Color Play

Source: CNN

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