AC MC and Skuff Join Forces with Shaya to Address Knife Crime Through Music

AC MC and Skuff have united their creative forces with soulful crooner Shaya to produce a poignant musical commentary on the harrowing issue of knife crime that continues to ravage the lives of countless young individuals. The trio’s new track not only showcases their artistic prowess but also sends a resounding call for an end to the cycle of violence that has gripped so many communities.

AC MC’s  profound verses delve deep into the heart of the knife crime epidemic, reflecting the pain, fear, and loss experienced by its victims and their families. Backed by Shaya’s velvety jazz-tinged vocals, the lyrics take on an even more profound meaning, stirring up emotions and urging listeners to confront the stark reality of the issue. Skuff brings his signature touch to the production. Infusing the track with jazzy piano melodies and orchestral elements, he creates a sonic landscape that both juxtaposes the weighty subject matter and infuses a glimmer of optimism for a brighter future. 

AC MC, Skuff, and Shaya have made a pledge that 25% of the profits generated from the track will be directed to The Ben Kinsella Trust. This impactful organisation is dedicated to tackling knife crime through education, providing a glimmer of hope and transformation in the fight against this pervasive issue.

As the track resonates through speakers and earbuds alike, it is a reminder that in the face of adversity, music remains an unwavering force for good. It bridges gaps, sparks conversations, and compels action. 

We asked AC MC to tell us more about the track.

“I wrote these lyrics a couple of years ago after DJ Intro’s son Jason Isaacs was murdered and there was a ‘Drop The Knife Value Life’ social media campaign that MC Bellyman asked me to do a Freestyle video for. I thought about including the history of contributing factors to the knife-crime of my demographic, like the racial persecution we went through from the 1950s to the 1990s and onward, with Teddy boys and Skinheads attacking and killing us while the police did nothing, leading to our young men feeling they need knives for protection but then it ending up as being used on each other. I also added my own experiences and referenced Kiyan Prince and Damilola Taylor being murdered as I lived in both of these areas at the time so they were in my mind whenever knife crime was brought up. I have also worked as a support worker with young offenders and gang members in London for many years so put the insights into it that that gave me too. I was very impressed with a documentary I saw on Baltimore schools getting children meditating and seeing how it positively impacted them. I thought this could be implemented in the UK too.

I wanted to do an actual song with those lyrics, but finding the right beat was taking time. Eventually in 2022 the producer Skuff sent me a couple of liquid dnb beats and one fit the bars perfectly and inspired me to write a hook to the melody of it. I recorded it and then by chance was in a studio session at ACM in Guildford where I teach on the Rap degree course, and met the singer Shaya there recording vocals for one of the rappers’ songs. I thought her style would suit the track so asked her to feature too. She did a fantastic job and brought a soulful, emotional feel to the track.

The label Grand Theft Audio loved the tune so we put it out with them and I got a remix done by the producer X4 which is a very different vibe to the original yet still suits the subject matter. They came up with the idea to get the Ben Kinsella Trust some donations out of the tune by giving 25 percent of earnings from it to them. 

So far the track has had good feedback from many listeners, big DJs and MCs in the drum & bass community and BBC 1xtra presenters, and Fighting Knife Crime London have featured the video on their website. We now want other MCs and vocalists to do a remix of it so have done a TikTok duet challenge to find the best. Go to my TikTok @acmcdnb or @lashayah to get involved.”

The Ben Kinsella Trust

Fighting Knife Crime London