DRS & LSB – Angels Fall pays tribute to Marcus Intalex in the most beautiful way possible

Drum & bass flags remain at half mast.

Nothing can be said that hasn’t already been said by his closest friends and peers online. All of them digging from the deepest summits of their broken hearts to try and convey just how much he meant to them personally, professionally and musically.

Yesterday’s post on the Soul:r Facebook page and the release of DRS and LSB’s Angels Fall was the most heartbreaking statement of all.

If you haven’t already, read the statement and listen to the music. Prepare to be moved.

Whatever level you knew Marcus Intalex on: whether it’s purely a musical level, you’d met him once or he was your friend like he was to many artists of all ages, levels and genres, Angels Fall will stop you in your tracks. Brutally emotive and raw, this is the essence of how powerful and touching our music – the music that Marcus championed unceremoniously, unapologetically and unabashedly throughout his entire career – truly is.

And it’s yours. A tribute from two of Marcus’s closest friends, LSB and DRS’s Angels Fall is a way of remembering this unique man and this unique week where the entire scene has united to clarify and immortalise the hard work and passion he’d invested in the scene. It’s also a way of helping his loved ones get through some of the hardest times imaginable in the coming weeks.

It’s not just Marcus Intalex’s passing away that’s hit the entire genre in a profound and moving way, it’s the concluding realisation of his entire life’s work that has hit us in this way… And for once the usually ugly social media echo chamber has reverberated with nothing but love and respect. Musically and lyrically Angels Fall sums up this sense of unity and utter sadness. It is likely to have been written during Marcus’s lifetime but we suspect there’s a lot more uncompromised emotions being thrashed out in studios by his friends right now as they come to terms with what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, May 28 2017.

Whether you donate or not, this is an essential for all of our collections. It will go down as one of the most important pieces of drum & bass music for a long time to come.

Fabric have also paid respect to Marcus Intalex this week with the upload of his legendary Fabriclive 35 mix from 2007… 10 years old this summer, for many drum & bass fans in their 20s this was the type of warm welcome into the genre Marcus will always be remembered for… Personally, musically, professionally.

Rest In Peace.