ANTI-VIRUS SPECIAL: More DJs and their awesome pets.


This was never not going to get a reload.

Following our furry April fools round-up, once again we’ve reached out to our favourite DJs to create an unapologetically wholesome collection of artists from the across the bass music axis and their ridiculously cute animals. Once again we’ve not been disappointed…

Read on for 38 artists, 36 pictures, 42 wonderful animals and – most importantly – a strong moment or two of high grade positive distraction from the increasingly frustrating, worrying and surreal world. Seven weeks into UK lockdown, you deserve it.

Standard Anti-Virus service will resume next week as we continue to round-up the best streams, mixes, downloads, projects, videos and as many other cool, positive things we can find… And will do so until we’re able to go out and play again. In the meantime, playing online isn’t so bad when you’ve got line-ups like the events happening this weekend…

Stay At Home Festival Part 2 is raising money for Age UK from tonight until Sunday with another massive rollcall of artists from T>I & Upgrade, Annix, Charli Brix, Amoss, Kenny Ken, Aprodite, Trex and many more. Full details.

CruCast are also rolling out a massive online festival stream from tonight until May 10. All proceeds go to the NHS and the line-up features the likes of DJ Zinc, Hybrid Minds, Serum, Darkzy, Bru-C, Jamie Duggan, Harriet Jaxxon, Chris Lorenzo, Indika, Skepsis to name a few. Find out more.

On Friday night the Kings Of The Rollers Royal Rumble Special happening on the Hospitality Fabceook page from 4pm UK time. Each member of the group has put a different twist on their set and Lens, Unglued, Micky Finn and T>I are also on board. Get involved.

And never forget: Doc Scott is back again with his weekly DNBVID-19 session. Kicking off 8pm, they’ve become something of an Saturday night lockdown tradition for many as he goes in for a good four hours in his unique Future-focused way. Tune in.

More round-ups next week. Time for some pets. Enjoy.



“This is Sofia, she’ll nearly always let me know when the snare sounds off, great for mixdown reference and can also shake-paw.”


Ant TC1

“His names Amos and we’ve been the absolute best of mates since we first met 11 years ago. I quickly realised as long as you accept that he’s the boss / the leader then all is fine and you can lead a sulk free friendship. We named him after Amos Brearly after the Emmerdale character on TV. Not because we’re fans of the show, but because my home is in the village where it used to be filmed. Amos felt like the most fitting name on account of their strikingly similar grey / silver looking beards however our own Amos hasn’t quite kept his looking that neat compared to his namesake over the years, it’s almost constantly smothered with hard to remove dog food remnants. We both posed for this one very much in the D&B ‘look mean’ or ‘ready to rob someones car’ vein.”



“This is Hel. Hel is the ruler of the underworld and also my barber.”


Benny L

“Here’s Patch/Albert and Guinness. Patch is 11 and we’ve had him since September after rescuing him. Guinness is 2 and just a proper mukka. These two are like Laurel and Hardy together. Patch is so jealous when Guinness has some attention, so even getting a photo with both is quite funny. But our quick trips up the park are the best moments together. Guinness can’t help herself but follow and play tricks on us, thinking we don’t know she’s creeping up on us on the way down the road.”


Burner Brothers (Al Seen)

“After the passing of our first dog Milo to heart failure my wife and I still had so much puppy love to give, so we adopted Stitch, our hyper-yet-super-affectionate catahoula/border terrier mix with the blue eye, from a rescue in Memphis, Tennessee. Fast forward almost a year later we felt he could use a sibling, so in comes Sierra, a playful pit bull/boxer mix. They’re our southern stunners through and through. Truly our shadows, they spend their days fighting for carpet space in my small music studio or curled up, snoring away by our sides. While I love having them chill in the studio, Stitch, always has something to say about my snares.”


Changing Faces

“Meet my only child Timon, he is a mixed breed. I had many dogs before, but this one is the loveliest so far and we literally can’t live without each other. He loves car rides and loves to hang out with me in my studio!”


Chase & Status (Saul)

“These are our old English sheepdogs Cookie and Artie (Artie’s 6 and on the left, our girl Cookie is 7 and on the right). My Wife introduced me to the breed, she’s had them her whole life and us getting dogs was a deal breaker for her. I actually (for some rubbish reason from when I was a kid) used to be scared of dogs and these pups have changed my life and me for the better. I walk them every day without fail. They’re incredibly affectionate, soulful, and great with our kids.”


Chrizpy Chriz

“This is Leroy. Leroy is a pure bread Northern Dumper. He likes to spend his time giving hugs, cuddles, chasing bubbles and his shadow.”



“This is Frank … full name Frank Sushi. When we adopted him he was homeless and two months old and had huge old man eyebrows. My missus was like ‘let’s call him sushi.’ I love sushi, but not for him. He was definitely more of a Frank, so he became Mr. Frank Sushi the first of his name. He loves sofas, hates rain, isn’t too keen on other dogs and jumps on our bed every morning without fail. I also have him tattooed on my arm… Long story. Oh and he has an IG lmao… it’s @MrFrankSushi


Current Value

“Lali …Brightening my every day!”


DJ Phantasy

“This is Cuddles and Daisy. I originally went to get a boxer dog and brought the missus and kids with me… And I ended up leaving with a chihuahua. Note to self, don’t take the kids and wife with you when you’re going to buy a dog. Then we added another to the family as clearly one wasn’t enough! Don’t be fooled by their size; they are fearless little things. It takes a real man to go walking with these beauts haha.”



“This is Queen Flossy of Manchester, my 13 week old Bichon Frise. An easy-going pup, Flossy enjoys shredding toys, bedding and my trainers in her spare time. She hates bath but is easily won over with gravy bones and cuddles.”


Doctor P

“When my wife wanted to get a dog I was one of those reluctant dads who is completely against the idea. Now I spend all my time playing fetch and scratching Willow’s belly.”



”This is Lilly, she’s a 24/7 troublemaker that has and will literally slice me up if I don’t play by her rules.”


Flux Pavilion

“This is my new puppy called (Frank) Zappa to join his feline brother called (Brian) Eno. Both of them like to sleep while I write music.”



“This is Gizmo, a 2 year old long haired moggy (we think). She was a rescue cat found in a trashcan with another kitten. Pretty sure she’s got PTSD and has the worst mood swings you can imagine, going from being the biggest loveliest cuddliest fluff ball in to total bitch in seconds. She doesn’t know boundaries when humans eat their food.”


Harriet Jaxxon

“This is Coco, I got her as a puppy five years ago. She loves cheese and is definitely convinced she is a fellow human.”


Katie Koven

“Moo was a stray cat my brother took in 15 years ago and came to live with me when we sold our family home. About eight years ago she went missing for a few months and when she came back she had half a tail. She’s my hero!”



“Barry the Bengal – a chatty young fellow, if he’s not galavanting around town he’s nipped home to use the  toilet (yes he uses the toilet). That said, I’m lucky to still have him after he went missing for 5 weeks last October.”



“This is my boy Tuxx, a 2 year old cockapoo. He enjoys sitting in the studio with me and loves a biscuit dunked in my cuppa tea. He’s a lot hairier now than in the pic. No groomers are working at the mo, and he runs a mile if I come at him with clippers.”



“Hi, I am Faye, the white and only pretty one in this picture. They didn’t pay to have me in this picture so I didn’t agree to be in it! One day I will rule the world, but for now I will just wake up my daddy during his sleep by screaming in his face. By the way, even though I look grumpy I can be very sweet.”

“Hi, I am the orange fat one and my name is Luna. I like to chill and watch Netflix and cuddle with daddy and eat tuna. By the way I am not fat, I just have big bones.”



“This is Akira, she likes to eat. Sometimes she sneaks up to the bin and eats some trash. She likes food that’s all I can say.”



“This is Rupert. He’s a 3 year old gelding. That’s his pet name, his passport name is Guido’s Contender after his dad Guido. His great grandfathers have won Olympic gold medals so I have high hopes for this boy! I bought him as a 2 year old at 15hh he’s now 3 rising 4 at 16.3hh. Basically, he is massive!

“I am a qualified riding instructor and I bought him so I could back and break my first horse, something I’ve always dreamt to do. It’s a nice break out of the studio and keeps me very fit! Horseriding is incredibly good for your core strength. Rupert is being backed at the moment with the help of my friend Shelby and the reason I love him so much is because he’s so gentle for a big hot headed horse. The bond and trust we have because I bought him as a baby has really paid off. I’m not going to lie, he costs me a small fortune!”


Mob Tactics Luke & Joanna Syze

“This is our Bella! She’s a Chiweenie, which is a chihuahua/dachshund cross. Joanna picked her up from a rescue centre on a spur-of-the-moment thing while I was away at a show in Canada. She’s a proper little character; super opinionated and loves nothing more than cuddles, chasing her balls, frisbees, any rabbits she happens to clock in the garden and sleeping right in between us in bed, perfecting her cock-blocking skills! Oh, and she can nail a bowl of fresh chicken in 20 seconds flat…”


Mob Tactics Mark

“This is Blue, our 2 year old drum & bass-despising rescue dog. He’s a Pomeranian / Chihuahua cross who hasn’t realised he’s not a rottweiler yet. His favourite pastimes include chasing squirrels, going mental at the postman and spending quality ‘alone time’ with his purple dinosaur.”


Ordure (Jelle)

“Harry likes to scratch the top plastic of the litterbox between 5:30 and 6:00. He also likes to be in 69 position-looking fights with my other cat Kroepoek where they kick each other’s heads in with their back legs. Harry is known to fetch as well, so you can throw a stick down the hallway and he’ll come and bring it back to you. He’s also known to sit on the top of my Adams while I make music.”


Peter Overview Piper

“This is Joanne, she’s a 70 year old tortoise who I’ve had since I was 8, and Jack, a miniature long-haired dachshund. Joanne really likes dandelions but is only around for half year to eat them as she hibernates for the winter. Also tortoise poo has to be the worst smelling poo in the animal kingdom. Jack enjoys barking at anybody who comes to the front door, chilling on his sofa and chasing my cat Benji (not pictured) around the house…”


Quadrant & Iris

“Waffles is our consummate studio loaf. She’s probably been present for every Quadrant and Iris session for the last 10 years. While she’s never left Seattle herself, her hair has travelled the world, lodging itself in our luggage and the shirts of anyone we’ve collaborated with over the years. She’s not particularly well behaved, but if you ever need a “Corgi barking at squirrels and birds” sample pack, she’s your gal.”



“His name is Ralph, he’s a proper skatty little thing, but he’s also super cute, super fluffy and super silly. He has a really twitchy tail and can’t really meow properly so just squeaks all the time. He even has his own hashtag #bcitw (best cat in the world) Plus his own custom calendar.”



“This is Tara, she’s a 5 year old Jack Russell. She loves carrots, likes back scratches and if you stop she’ll try to manoeuvre your hand back towards her desired sweet spot using her snout. She waddles when she’s tired and loves to sit in the conservatory about 25 hours a day. Height-wise she’s about up to the middle of my shin and she cost less than a pair of HD25s. Bargain if you ask me.”



“Say hello to Mylla, a lovely and energetic puppy. She’s actually been producing all of my tracks, she’s my ghost producer.”


Synergy (Evgeny)

“Meet Sammy, she’s 5 years old and super affectionate, but only with me and my wife. She has a lot of funny habits. For example every morning, when she hears that we’re awake, she immediately runs to cuddle. She also likes to play hide-n-sees. She’s always around, even if she pretends she’s not with us.”


Synergy (Igor)

“Look at my best friend! This is Oscar, dachshund. He looks like a hot dog and people usually call him a sausage-dog. He is 5 years old, nearly 52cm in length. My boy.”


Teddy Killerz (Garud)

“This is Major Lazer, an amandine. He’s three years old. He killed his wife and pecked another amandine to death. Real gangster. Originally I bought two of them, a boy and girl, but the girl died. Then my sister got him a friend, and he pecked him to death. So now he always live alone. When he was in the shop he made funny sounds like Road Runner from Loony Toons. But when I got him home he never ever made that sound. Instead he started to do Major Lazer ‘festival trap laser’ sounds. Whenever friends come and stay he wakes them up early morning with his lasering.”


The Caracal Project

“Here is Mustash, she prefers minced celery over beef trims and if my snare is shit, she’ll come sit on my laptop, just so I know.”




“Obi, as she’s called, is a corn snake. I’ve had her for just over 10 years, since she was 6 months old. She’s a D&B head, mostly because that’s what I listen to, but every time I hold her near the speakers she moves towards them and will chill on them if she can. When she was smaller she would slither in to the port at the bottom of the speaker and just jam there, music playing. Sometimes she would squeeze herself in so tight that we couldn’t get her out. We would have to turn the tunes off and lure her out with food. She loves the vibrations, which is no surprise seeing that’s how she hears. I’ve always found it pretty funny and although snakes aren’t affectionate it’s good to know we have that in common.”