Aoki-alike Trolls Stereosonic

aoki alike

This surfaced last night and we thought we’d share it…

Inspired by the genuinely thought-provoking video Shoshana Roberts made in October where she endured 108 catcalls in one day on the streets of Manhattan, Australian photographer Jarrad Seng applied the same technique at Australian flagship dance festival Stereosonic… Where he endured a similar amount of fistbumps, selfie requests and handshakes.

While Soshana’s video triggered discussion, however, this simply triggers LOLs… He doesn’t really look like Aoki that much, and he even receives props from the crowd while Aoki is playing! Check the video below and dive into the comments for added chuckles.

If you’re one of the crowd who was duped, it might be wise to track Jarrad down… In his YouTube description he states he feels a bit bad about his doppleganger deception and he “owes you guys a beer or two”. What a champ.

Source: Mixmag