Argentina suspends all large electronic music events


In light of the tragic events at Time Warp Beunos Aires on April 15, yesterday the Argentinian government has announced that its capital will not grant any permit large scale electronic events for the foreseeable future.

The decision is a reaction to the devastating incidents at Time Warp’s third annual Argentinian party in which five died from suspected drug overdoses and four remain in hospital on the first night, leading to the second night of the event being cancelled.

Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta stated that the city will no longer host any large scale electronic music events and, via Associated Press, claims that that the measure will remain in effect until the city legislature approves a law to prevent drug abuse during these types of events.

An official reaction to such a tragic series of events was anticipated, but to ban raves entirely is a drastic and crushing blow to the electronic music scene in Argentina and a precedent that’s even stronger than the US RAVE act or the UK’s Criminal Justice Bill. With any luck Argentina’s legislature will also include drug testing and a progressive attitude towards grassroots drug education.

Established in 1994, German promoters Time Warp are known worldwide for their events franchised across the globe. “We are dismayed and deeply saddened by the death of five young people at Time Warp Buenos Aires,” they state on their Facebook. “Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased and the five visitors who are still under medical treatment. We pray for their quick recovery.

“The German Time Warp companies, “Planwerk Events GmbH & Co KG“ and “cosmopop GmbH“, were not in any way involved in the local organization and planning of the festival. We are listening to your complaints. At the moment we are trying to get a clear picture. The organizer of the event will refund the money for the second day, corresponding to the value of your ticket. Please email to obtain your refund.”

Our thoughts are with the families of those affected by the events. If you’re based in Argentina and have any further insight into the current situation and how this will affect the electronic music scene, please get in touch.

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  • I am from argentina, and the UKF Argentina 2016 hasn’t been cancelled.
    So I don’t know if they will not permit any edm festival.
    I think creamfields wont be cancelled either

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