Attention aspiring DJs: Hannah Wants… YOU!


Hannah Wants has just announced an incredible opportunity for all serious aspiring UK-based DJs…

Next year she’ll be hosting her first ever UK headline tour. And she wants to share this opportunity with a selection of up-and-coming DJs to help like minded maestros on their way to the top.

“I know how hard it can be to catch that first break or opportunity as a DJ,” she states. “Especially if you don’t produce music also. Things have changed massively over recent years and whilst I’m aware my collaborations have helped/excelled my career as a DJ I don’t think this should be obligatory. Making music and DJ’ing well to a crowd of people are completely different skills and I reckon there’s some great, raw and unheard DJ talent out there – I want to find it.”

Explaining how she wants to give rising DJs a chance to get their name on an event, gain experience, learn and have some fun, irrespective of whether they also make music or not, Hannah’s talent hunt is a refreshing flip on the current standard procedure where hyped producers bag top spots regardless of their selection skills.

Studio craft and deck dexterity are two hugely different schools and it’s great to see an artist highlight the debate in such an exciting way. Having plied her deck trade for well over a decade – long before she stepped foot in a studio – Hannah emerged the old school way and wants to help other DJs in the same predicament as she found herself.

“I just feel if I’m picking my ideal line ups to join me at various cities around the UK why not try to do something different, find some UK talent and give them a break that may help their own personal career?”

So what are you waiting for? If you’re serious about cutting the ranks as a selector, Hannah Wants to hear from you (sorry). Visit her site for full details and get involved – she will be personally listening to every single entry.

“I’m looking for people who have a great ability to DJ,” she states. “Can read a crowd and who will ultimately be able to play a killer warm up/support set on the tour.”

Before diving in, though, be sure to read the slim selection of rules she’s put in place…

• You must be aged 18 or over
• You must live in the UK 
• You must be available during February and March 2015
• You must send in a completed application form
• You must send in a 60 minute mix
• You must send in a picture
• You must be a nice, down to earth person

Do you tick those boxes? Get involved now!

Get inspired, too… Hannah’s just uploaded her monthly mixtape. Highly recommended.