Azealia Banks will pay you $10,000 to remix her!

azealia banks

It seems this weeks news comes with a distinct price tag: $10,000

Days ago Carnage shot that amount of paper out of a confetti cannon, now Azealia Banks is willing to pay the same amount to the winner of a remix competition she announced yesterday on her Facebook page.

A must for any budding producer, remix contests are a dime a dozen but we’ve never seen one with a large financial incentive. The track in question is the skippy, subby Chasing Time and parts can be downloaded directly from Bit Torrent.

Reckon you can flip that switch? Regardless of what genre you produce it’s worth taking part… With her track record of electronic / hip-hop fusion, Azealia should welcome all styles and flavours. She’s clearly aware of how young talent can be, too; the contest is open to all ages from 13.

The deadline is December 9. More information can be found on the Remix Lab Soundcloud page. Rules and terms and important stuff can be found here. Good luck!