Are Bad Company about to drop new music on RAM Records?

bad company ukf

So this just happened…

Bad Company on RAM Records.

This is massive news. This hasn’t happened since 2001’s Spacehopper. This is something we’ve expected (and hoped) would happen for several months now…

The signs have been there since March: A miniscule breadcrumb trail of hints: A Mixmag interview in the spring sees Bad Company allude to releasing future material on “a very well-known label in D&B”.

Then there’s the case of an Andy C Drum&BassArena interview just days before his benchmark-setting Alexandra Palace show, in which he gives readers the drop on exclusive material he’s been given by his peers for the All Night set. Every artist he lists is already signed to Ram, besides Bad Company on whom he simply states “say no more”.

The Ram boss casually brought them up in another Mixmag interview from a similar time. At the time we thought he was buzzing about their comeback… But in hindsight it seems the pieces of the puzzle were already tessellating.

Possibly since the foursome teased their reunion this time last year… Who knows what happens in the shadows? We know that Bad Company and Andy have had a firm pact since the very beginning: Andy and Marky are the first DJs BC ever send their music to because “they know how to mix it properly”.

We also know that whatever Bad Company drop on Ram will be their first new material since their self-released comeback track Equilibrium in February and is likely to land imminently.

Watch this space for more information…