Barely Alive fan rages too hard, breaks his neck


It sounds like a Wunderground headline, but this is real life and is one of the weirdest stories we’ve seen in a while….

We all know Barely Alive kick ass. We all know that serious shit is going to go down when they’re playing and you’re on the dancefloor. But would you fracture your neck in the process? It appears one guy may have…

According to Barely Alive’s Facebook, 20 year old Washington-based student Dangelo Jimenez enjoyed the Disciple-signed duo’s Seattle show this Saturday so much he ended up in the Emergency Room after the show and it appears he was diagnosed with damage to his neck.

He sent the act the image (above) which the duo reposted saying he was ‘metal as fuck’. When Dangelo replied to this post, along with various friends and well-wishers asking if he was okay, Barely Alive have responded to him, too…

guestlist for life

Guestlist for life: Not a bad consolation for 15 hours in ER and, we’re imagining, a fair bit of pain. Dangelo, however, seems pretty jovial about the whole affair explaining in the comments how his rave name is Trap Beast Mode and how he’s “never been better”¬†Okay then…

In the scope of spinal fractures, this has to be on the lighter end or Dangelo wouldn’t be able to smile about it, let alone type. But he seems pretty legit… So far only one Facebook user has questioned the validity of this claim pointing out that the image isn’t original, to which Dangelo has responded.


guestlist for life

Everyone loves throwing down, but moshing until you fracture your neck? Or at least damage it to the point you have to visit an emergency room? As Dangelo says himself, the experience is definitely best filed under ‘shitty’ and definitely not a good way to maintain a healthy rave diet for years to come.

But, if this really is real (and, like the comments suggest, why would you lie about something like this?), Dangelo (or Trap Beast Mode) appears to be happy overall and still reckons it was a great night… And Barely Alive can rest easy knowing their certainly did their job that night.

Have you suffered any bone fractures, breakages or injuries from raging to Barely Alive? Is this a one-off or are Barely Alive responsible for a many more injuries in recent years. Let us know in the comment box.

H/T: YourEDM