Bass Fire Extinguisher Anyone?

Sound-blasting fire extinguisher

We all know how powerful, important and life-affirming bass is… But in case you needed another reason to love the low-end, it’s this….

A lightweight, portable and affordable fire extinguisher that uses nothing but low frequency soundwaves to douse flames.

Currently at prototype phase, this awesome invention was developed and created by two university students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson who personally invested $600 of their own money to make it happen.

“It’s low-frequency sounds—like the thump-thump bass in hip-hop that works,” says Tran, a hip-hop lover who joked to their university press that hip-hop celebrity endorsements could be the ticket to the extinguisher’s success.

The most impressive fact about this potentially life-saving bass device is that it doesn’t ruin anything in the surrounding area with contents that damage (as a foam or water-based extinguisher might), that it could potentially be fixed to drone-based machines to put out wider fires without any risk to human life and can be directed at the point of fire in space.

“In space, extinguisher contents spread all over,” states Seth. “But you can direct sound waves without gravity.”

How cool is that? As far as bass-related science and technology stories go, this one wins the week. Here it is in action…

Source: YourEDM