Bass music community pays tribute to Chester Bennington

Time is a valuable thing/Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings/Watch it count down to the end of the day/The clock ticks life away.

Many musical flags are at half mast once again as the world recovers from the tragic news of Chester Bennington’s suicide. One of the most iconic and influential songwriters and strongest voices in metal throughout the 2000s, Chester Bennington inspired, moved and often consoled an entire generation through his work with Linkin Park, Dead By Sunrise and Stone Temple Pilots.

His distinctive voice, attitude and lyrics resonated with millions, triggering a life-long love affair with high impact, energetic, emphatic and honest music. It’s no secret that many fans of heavier electronic music such as dubstep and drum & bass came from metal. Many still love it, make it and live it by it today.

Chester was never afraid to experiment with new forms and technologies and helped to push metal into the 21st century and remove some of its cliches and subvert its attitude. Listening to tracks such as Break The Habit and the influence of faster tempos and electronic production are abundant and the band welcomed cross-pollination and encouraged fusion in the form of massive genre-fusing remixes… Two of which we’ve been honoured to feature ourselves.

The music lives on, but so must this message: help is always out there. No matter how dark situations get or how impossible it feels to continue or how lonely and isolated you feel, there is always another way, there are always people to talk to and will understand how you’re feeling. Things will get better. The Samaritans have a wealth of information and help for everyone who is suffering or affected any level of depression – please reach out.

Chester will never be forgotten, his music, creativity, lyrics, openness, clarity and vulnerability were a blueprint that millions of us, including the artists below, have since aspired to. None of us are alone. Chester Bennington Rest In Peace.


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Photo: Wikicommons