BatBand: Transmitting The Bass Directly Into Your Head!


Picture the scene: you’re jamming out to the latest UKF upload with your headphones on while your housemate downstairs is trying to tell you the house is on fire and you need to get out. You die.

Picture another scene: you’re out running with your headphones on, you’ve dropped your keys but you haven’t heard them fall out… Or the people who’ve shouted to tell you that you’ve dropped them. You’re locked out for hours.

One more scene for good measure: you’re on the bus, jamming out with your headphones on, a really hot person is trying to get your attention but you can’t hear them. You miss out on some serious sexytime.

There are many reasons why headphones – while we use them daily and couldn’t imagine life without them – are a real pain. But US company Studio Banana Things have come up with a really interesting solution: The BatBand.

They look pretty future and even the name sounds cool… BatBands use bone conduction to transmit the music directly into your inner ear, allowing you to listen to music and use your ears.

The company – who, in the past, have developed head pillows that make you look like an old school diver – describe the experience by saying “the Batband makes your social lifescape compatible with your private soundscapes.” We’d rather put it like this: you can still listen to music and not be rude/miss out on life-saving/changing situations.

Connected to your phone by bluetooth and incorporating a mic in the unit, the BatBand allows you to take calls, too. Although it’s the music we’re really interested in. At present the BatBand is at funding stage with a Kickstarter campaign in place. At time of writing they have already raised over $100,000 of the $150,000 target. With over 40 days remaining, they’re likely to hit their target… And we’re likely to buy one when they’re available.

Check out Studio Banana Things website for full details and watch the video below.

H/T: YourEDM