BBL CLB launch interactive online rave missions


Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Human Traffic Remix) (Boiler Room VIP)


Metrik, Kings Of The Rollers, Inja, Halogenix, Kasra, Grafix, Lens, Nu:Tone, Uncle Dugs, Altern-8, Eats Everything, 24 Hour Garage Girls, Particle, Heartless Crew, Wookie and many more will perform exclusive sets during February and March for a new series of unique style online events…. But first you have to find the dance.

Launching Feb 10, BBL CLB bring the worlds of immersive theatre, streaming culture and some of the oldest rave traditions together in a unique way. Either rolling solo, or in groups of up to four remote players, you have to interact with a series of scenarios and characters to find the rave. Some will help you on your path and enable your inner raver… Others will just troll the Dickens out of you and send you back to where you started.

With various easter eggs and intel-gathering quests along the way, every decision you make will affect your journey as BBL CLB promise a web of storylines and sub-plots to distract and tempt you from your destination…. A online venue were one-off sets are waiting for you. Not to be repeated or restreamed on any other platform.

While streams have been life for ravers since March last year, and an essential vehicle for the scene, this definitely adds a cool twist to the medium. Designed to create that pre-event excitement we’ve missed for so long, while it isn’t the real thing, it’s definitely the closest most of us will experience for some time yet. The events were created by UK brand Hyperactive, who usually create interactive experiences for major global brands… Now they’re creating something for a global movement.

“The BBL CLB is designed for those of us who miss the buzz of anticipation before a night out,” says Hyperactive’s Andrew Casher. “The electricity and unity of the dancefloor, those madcap moments with our mates and of course the appreciation of dance music in all its guises. For me, BBL CLB is about togetherness when we’re socially distanced and about supporting UK club culture which is so important to so many people both socially and professionally.”

Tickets for each BBL CLB mission cost £12.50, allowing the organisers to pay the DJs and the actors involved. At a time when performers are now facing almost a year of no live income, this is a much needed boost.

At a time when you’re starting to get tired to endless houseplants and chatroom crabs, it’s also a much needed refresh for all stay-at-home ravers. BBL CLB events run from Feb 10. The first drum & bass event is Feb 12 with Hospital Records featuring Metrik, Nu:Tone, Grafix & Lens.

Find out full listings and ticket details on the BBL CLB website.