Bear Grillz announces new EP with Getter, Trollphace, Bl3nd & ETC! ETC!

bear grillz

One for the radar: last night Firepower confirmed the release of Bear Grillz’ next EP.

Bear Grillz & Friends Vol 2 is due to land on June 2nd and it’s an all-star, all-genre showdown with Getter, Trollphace, DJ Bl3nd and ETC! ETC! all featuring.

Last featured on UKF in January for one of our weirder interviews of the year so far, the mystery surrounding Bear Grillz’ identity continues to be kept tight. But there’s certainly no mistaking his tongue-in-cheek take on the current state of electronic music. With the lead track of Bear Grillz & Friends Vol 2 (a collab with Getter nonetheless) being called EDM, this satirical approach is likely to continue.

The remaining tracks on the EP are set to cover a gamut of styles; Get Down (with DJ Bl3ND) will be a headnod to electrohouse, Bend It Over Gurl will show us how Bear and ETC! ETC! twerk together while Marijuana (with Trollphace) will heavily nod towards the roots. Clue’s in the title, really.

None of the tracks have been premiered online yet, but we’re keen to hear them. In the meantime, here’s Bear Grillz going toe-to-toe with Firepower bossman Datsik on the label’s recent Shellshock Legends album with the amusing titled banger Fuck Off. Stay tuned for more animal updates.