Beatport Add Bass House Genre Category

No more trawling through garage/bassline/grime, future house, breaks, electrohouse and dubstep categories to find your favourite chunky, chop-slapping bass house grooves on Beatport: As of yesterday, Thursday March 21, they’ve added a new dedicated bass house genre category.

It’s been a long time coming; the term bass house has been bubbling away since 2015 when acts ranging from Valentino Khan to AC Slater began to really cut through the EDM noise with a sound and energy that was characterised by bass but didn’t quite fit into any established genre.

We documented the development of the sound at the time, tracing bass house roots back to 2000s fidget and its foundation in late 90s speed garage and breaks; like any proper genre that’s here for the long haul and has staying power, bass house comes with a rich history of styles, influences and innovators.

And it’s now 100 times easier to find and support on Beatport thanks to its dedicated genre category. “It’s exciting,” says Malaa (who appears to be the first number one in category since it launched with his Addiction track) “It’s the recognition of a new sound, representing an evolution in electronic music.”

AC Slater, perhaps one of the most prominent and influential voices in bass house agrees (to the point he and his label have created their own sound and movement within the genre) agrees. “Bass House is a very useful sub-genre for browsing on Beatport. It fills in all the gaps between garage/bassline and future house/electro.”

Fill in your own gaps and explore the bass house category yourself. And while you’re there, see if you can help Kings Of The Rollers to ‘do a Benny L’ get their stinking You Got Me to the number one of the overall charts… It’s been sitting at (still very impressive) number two all week!