Benga Returns!


Great news for bass fans landed yesterday as Benga surprised us all with a short teaser of brand new material. Considering he announced last February that he was retiring from the game – well, DJing to be specific – to focus on starting a family, the announcement (and the 1.17 teaser that came with it), is unequivocal evidence he’s out of retirement.

The teaser in question is Shut It Down which, Benga explained on Twitter, is the first track  from his new record. Penned with Magnetic Man cohort Artwork and distinctive vocalist Sam Frank (who he worked with in the past on War Zone) it ignites with a trippy, gritty synth arpeggio that slows down before the processed tones of Sam’s darkened delivery take the lead. Giving no hint at any direction at all, it’s already caused all sorts of wild comment box reactions. This is what it sounds like…

It seems 2015 could be the year for big comebacks. The Prodigy machine is firing on all cylinders. The Chemical Brothers have confirmed a new album this year. Yesterday Modestep returned with their first material in almost two years. Now this: The return of a bona fide bass pioneer. Welcome back Benga… Don’t leave us hanging.

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