Benny L launches new label TrES-2b Music

This week sees Benny L levelling up with his own label – TrES-2b Music.

Named after an exoplanet 750 lightyears away, expect monthly releases from the London producer as he takes his love for sci-fi and all things Vanta Black to whole new levels.

The first few releases involve collaborations with Shady Novelle, MC Shabba D and Bladerunner. Many more highly respected acts are set to follow. It launches this Friday with Alchemy. Ready for take-off?

Take us to TrES-2b!

It’s the darkest planet that’s been discovered. It’s an exoplanet. If you were able to see it in the sky then you’d just see something that looks like a black hole. Like a piece of Vanta Black in the sky.

The darkest of the dark!

Totally man. I’m really into sci-fi and space and that. When I heard about that planet I knew I wanted to use that name for something and I’ve always thought about running a label.

Yeah I was going to ask if a label was always part of the plan?

Definitely. Just finding the right time. I like the idea of setting up my own brand and pushing the sounds I’m into and the artists I like. I’m looking forward to getting it out there.

It starts with Alchemy with Shady Novelle this week…

That’s right. Shady is proper sick. I knew when I heard her on tracks with Mozey and releases on Spearhead I wanted to work with her. I love jazz too and she’s reely is inspired by jazz so it works well, it’s amazing to launch the label with this track first.

Will it be monthly releases?

Yeah man. Activate with Shabba comes next in May, then following that I got some collabs coming with Bladerunner and Inja, monthly releases going on from that, after doing a 14 track album and all that comes with it its nice to bang ‘em out and do what I did before the shut down. You can hear bits of things upcoming that I’m posting online.

I was going to ask… Have we already heard future label releases in your sets lately?

Yeah always, I’m trying bits out and testing things. I’ve been sitting on some of this for a while now.

Will the label be just your productions and collaborations or releases from other artists, too?

The door’s open to other artists for sure. I’m already talking to some people I’m really feeling, some new talents and people I’ve been feeling and supporting for a long time. I’m exciting about that side of running the label and supporting them.

Next level Benny L business!

It feels good man, definitely the right time. Especially after the album. We’re doing vinyl as well.

Thats a long operation these days…

People have got to be patient haven’t they?

I think its nice to give the music a second lease of life when the vinyl eventually drops

Yeah it happened with Reactions a few months back. I love vinyl though so it’s important to do for a label. I remember my mum telling me back in the day you’d see people’s vinyl collections in their homes covering the walls and you could learn so much about someone by looking through their records. It’s a shame it’s not like that now!

Let us learn something about you now, though. Youre gonna have a trip to the actual planet TrES-2b. What three items are you taking with you and what three people are taking with you?

Laptop, Speakers and a Mic. And Shimon, Trimer and Pastry Maker!

Benny L & Shady Novelle – Alchemy is out now

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