Our biggest EVER sale!


merch sale

PHD. We’re not referring to a fancy degree. We’re referring to a condition that is very real and that has most of the world in a state of despair right now: Post holiday depression. For months we were counting down to Christmas and the cheer it would bring. The gifts, the food, and the family and friends… then we were promised an amazing new year. But once the fireworks have settled and all the alcohol is gone, and all that we’re left with is a sore head, an expanded waistline and our first day back at work, we ask ourselves what now?

What is there to look forward to as the dead of winter approaches and the holidays and festivities seem to be all but a distant memory?

Well, we’ve got just the thing: We’re holding our biggest EVER sale to keep the positive vibes from Christmas going! With shirts from just £3, phone cases for £5, and music from £3.50, it’s just in time to brighten up an otherwise gloomy January. Limited stock available, so get shopping and cheer up folks! Start 2015 on a good note with fresh UKF gear.

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