Billain returns with his first EP in three years…

Photography: Spektroom


Bosnian cyberpunk, antirealist and mind-melting sound designer Billain returns with his first full EP since Colonize in September 2015. Entitled Extraction, it’s his first ever collaborative EP and features heavyweight peers Signal, Vegas, Malux, Redpill and Filip Motovunski. The five tracks will be gradually revealed over the next two months on Bad Taste.

Extraction follows the theme and non linear narrative set by his previous conceptual EPs; Blockfield, Colossus and Colonize (which we spoke to him about at the time) Once again Billain has written the narrative himself (you can read his clues below) and the as-yet-unrevealed artwork is created by Billain’s longtime creative sparring partner Enis Čišić. This time it comes with its own trailer…

The EP follows a huge slew of non D&B work for Billain who certainly hasn’t been putting his feet up since Colonize in 2015. In the time that’s passed he’s worked on a variety of Hollywood movies including Pacific Rim 2, Hunter Killer and a few he’s not allowed to reveal quite yet. He’s also worked on the game Scorn.

“It took some time to express a lot of different ways to describe progressive era of 21ts century neurofunk which is more demanding than ever,” explains the Bosnian scientist/philosopher. “Pursuing the cinematic progress in my ‘day job’ and my neurofunk projects is perhaps a blessing. It’s validated both my absence and existence in the scene and also my stubbornness about using hyperproduction in order to tell stories and engrave memorable moments. This time I felt that I should do that fellow peers I like and respect from the scene.”

After a break from touring, Billain is also back on the road this year with Bassic. Here are the clues to Billain’s forthcoming memorable moments. More is expected to be revealed very soon. Follow Billain for further updates.