Billain teases new sci-fi film – Fugitive


Following last year’s brazenly complex A/V piece Third Impact, and 2019’s intricately woven and multifarious debut album Nomad’s Revenge, Sarajevo-based auteur Billain will now drop a full short movie – Fugitive.

Based on a short story Billain wrote two years ago, featuring one of the three protagonists portrayed in the concept short film created as part of Nomad’s Revenge; Fugitive is animated by a talented team of animators, illustrators and 3D modelers Cheng WeiZhi, Machine Cult and Marko Gacnik and co-produced by Sarajevan team Kontraplan. The concept takes many of the theories and narratives that have run through Billain’s work since his earliest releases and manifests them in his most ambitious cyberneuro vision yet.

“What I can reveal to you is that this film enters the extremes of human experiments that will come to life all edges of the earth in the future, either by our or a foreign initiative,” explains Billain. “Technology can no longer be escaped from, but can technology escape time? The essential destiny of people and technology is much more deeply intertwined with memories – which make us who we are, but sometimes memories are something we cannot choose. The boundary between time and memory is never clearly defined, great events are witnesses to this phenomenon. With the emergence and practice of quantum physics on the connection of time and space, and thus us in it, time becomes null and void, and only memories remain as the last witness of humanity.”

Watch the teaser here:

A political, social and scientific statement, just as much as it is artistic, Fugitive is the latest in a long line of examples of Billain’s extreme creative benchmark. For further examples of how far he takes his art, check any number of our previous interviews with him. In 2019 he taught us about the art of surprise and the necessity of risk, in 2016 he intricately joined the dots between cyberpunk, drum & bass and the human experience, in 2015 he broke down his interest in sci-fi and explains the level of detail he goes to in his concept narratives…. Essentially planting the seed for the movie he’s just announced.

To support the film development, Fugitive has its first merch line, a symbol depicting #eyetifacts a mysterious stone eye art something that Billain has been posting around the world for a decade without further explanation.

No official release date has been announced, follow Billain’s pages or visit the Fugitive website for further announcements:

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