Bop & Subwave join forces and sign to Hospital Records

Two Russians, one label, countless vibes: Bop and Subwave have joined forces and signed to Hospital Records.

The first singing since Med School sadly closed shop last month, the duo make their collaborative EP debut with Love & Other Drugs. Set for release on November 22, the EP continues to develop the deep musical relationship the duo share that transcends the drum & bass they’re best known for.

Building on previous collaborations on the label – City Lights on Forza Horizon 4 and Take It Off on Hospitality On The Beach 2019, plus Clair De Lune on Bop’s Microfunk imprint – Love & Other Drugs is an explorative body of work that takes in influences of indie pop and UK garage as well as the cosmic, deep sheen the pair have both become synonymous with.

It’s just the beginning, too. More music is already confirmed for January 2020 and beyond. Freshly announced by Hospital today, we squeezed the Moscow / St Petersburg duo for a little more information on how their newly formed pact came to be.

When did you two meet?

Bop: I think we met at one of the events we were performing. It was around that time when Hospital was releasing Future Sounds Of Russia.

Subwave: I suppose about ten years ago. I first heard Alex’s tracks on Med School and really liked his style and production skills. It’s hard to remember when we met for the first time. I’m sure it was some drum and bass gig.

When did you start making music together?

Subwave: In 2010 I remixed Bop’s Song About My Dog. Then our first collaboration was Clair De Lune on his label Microfunk.

Bop: Gleb took a couple of years off drum & bass and travelled the world as part of a pop band, when he started to produce D&B again I asked for the collab and that’s how we made Clair De Lune.

Time to big each other up… Why do you think you work so well together?   

Subwave: I think we understand what we want and we have similar taste in music. He also has great production skills, musical intuition, and really good sense of humour 😉

Bop: I think Gleb has great sense of style and melody. I often tend to over-complicate my songs and I think Subwave does the opposite. He tends to make song work with as little elements as possible so I think together we found a good balance between simple and complicated. He can come up with a catchy groove very fast and has great intuition for vocals.

How would you describe the music you’ve made together so far?

Bop: Adjectives that come to mind is soft, sensual, atmospheric, futuristic, minimalistic, indie electronic music.

Subwave: Deep Minimal drum and bass with sexy influences.

Bop & Subwave – Love & Other Drugs is out November 22. Pre-Order.

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