Bryan Gee reveals full tracklist and release details for Future LP

It’s finally, finally, fully confirmed and locked in… Bryan Gee has revealed the release date and tracklist of the long awaited album: Bryan Gee Presents Future LP.

Set to drop on March 27 and weighing in at 25 tracks, the Future LP boasts skills from some of the most exciting new names drum & bass, some of the most important pioneers of the culture and many incredible talents in between. It will be the final, and most important, part of the epic 25th anniversary celebrations the label has had over the last few years.

“I’ve been holding back on this one, I know it’s taken some time but you can’t hurry these things!” Bryan tells us in his signature vibey manner.

“We’ve been working on it for two years now. For me it was more than just celebrating 25 years. I don’t want to sound cheesy but I wanted a way to say thanks or supporting us. I look back at some of the original compilation albums we did like V Classics and Planet V and they were great albums and I wanted to catch that energy. I know they were moments in time, and you can’t repeat them, but I wanted the same vibes and passion and just to say thanks to everybody for being V, following us, showing us love, making sure we’re still doing what we do.”

The love goes both ways; the Future LP does indeed pack a punch that’s as raw, energetic and banger-laden as the label’s famous albums from the late 90s. The tracks that have already been released have been strong enough proof: the eagerly-anticipated landing of Moon In Your Eyes, the insane thrust of Lambo, the gully magic of Envy and pure visceral funk of massive remixes by Benny L and L-Side. There’s plenty more to come, too.

“I want this one to stand the test of time and be looked back in time as something special,” says Bryan. “So far we’ve had some great responses to all the tracks and had two number ones so far. All the artists smashed it and went beyond all expectations, these tracks have all been huge for me every single set. It’s a present from me to everyone. Thanks for being with us, here you go, I hope you love it.”

Show some love and sign up for pre-order details here. Full tracklist below. It’s every bit as big as the hype that’s been building for this.

Bryan Gee Presents: Future LP

Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon – Moon In Your Eyes

Artificial Intelligence – Uprising Revisited

Roni Size – Dayz (Benny L Remix)

Dillinja – 30Hz (L-Side Remix)

Paul T & Edward Oberon – I Don’t Trust You

Alibi – Big Man Jungle Ft Cleveland Watkiss and MC Fats

Alibi – Take Me Back

Krust – Not Necessarily A Man (L-Side Remix)

Alibi & DJ Andy – The Alley

L-Side – Killer Transmissions ft T.R.A.C (Alibi Remix)

Need For Mirrors – Lambo

Jonny L, Need For Mirrors – Osc-B

Command Strange – Back In Time

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – All Crews

Dr  Meaker – Fighter ft Lorna King (S.P.Y VIP)

Roni Size – Trapped

Saxxon – Here To Play (VIP)

Ray Keith – The Reckoning (Voltage Remix)

Bou – Envy

Bladerunner – Rollers Movement

Think Tonk – Tom & Heavy

Zero T- Move & Flow

Carlito & Addiction – That Funk

DJ Marky & Dirtbag – Hard To Find

Dave Owen & T.R.A.C – The Moment

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