Caligo leaked: BitTorrent and Spor react quickly

spor - caligo

Christmas came early last night for Spor fans…

Just days after Jon Gooch announced he’d be delivering his Spor – Caligo album via BitTorrent with a pay-what-you-like model on March 9, an unknown source leaked his album. Reacting quickly, BitTorrent put up the official release and Gooch jumped on Reddit with an AMA that was scheduled for the release date. The whole thread is an insightful read on all aspects of Jon’s art (including his work on a new Feed Me album) but this is what he said about the actual leak…

“It’s important to be pragmatic. In the end, I’m more so flattered that people are interested. How do I feel? Seeing a good few people saying they were prepared to wait it out, and showing some feeling towards it leaking really is flattering, so a huge thank you to all those people. It’s impossible not to be really attached to something you’ve worked on for so long, I really do appreciate the unity. That said – I’m not one to dwell, and I’ve got the best team and management in the world, as well as BitTorrent fully behind us, so it’s also been humbling watching them all react so quickly.”

We’d have happily waited another fortnight for it. From the barbed soul of Your Murmering Chasms to the thrash-it-out rawness of Empire via the LONG-awaited Like Clockwork, it’s been well worth the wait. Here’s the embed directly from BitTorrent, it weighs in at over 1.7Gb and contains 50 files… Don’t support the leak by accepting any other sharing platform solution.