Camo & Krooked Announce New Live Show

We knew this was coming, but didn’t think it happen so soon…

Barely six weeks have passed since Camo & Krooked dropped their fourth, and arguably finest, album Mosaik and they’ve already announced a brand new live show. Building on the reputation and attention to detail of their previous live show, the new show will be powered by more kit (including classic synths and custom made controllers) feature unique live versions of their tracks and will launch with an incredible line-up that celebrates D&B dons and the cream of their hometown talent.

October 6 will see the Austrian duo take over Vienna’s iconic Gasometer venue along with Sub Focus, High Contrast, Mefjus, Kimyan Law, Disaszt and Body & Soul. The the first leg of the tour will take in…

6th Oct – Gasometer Vienna / Austria

7th Oct – Kasematten Graz / Austria

13th Oct – Design Center Linz / Austria

14th Oct – Music Hall Innsbruck / Austria

21st Oct – Conrad Sohm Dornbirn / Austria

25th Oct – Beatpatrol St.Poelten / Austria

27th Oct – Warehouse Project Manchester / UK

28th Oct – Printworks London / UK

If there’s any doubt as to how impressive their show will be, refresh yourself with this video we made three years for their Zeitgeist show. We pulled them away from the intense development and rehearsals to find out more…


Well this escalated quickly! The dust from the album has barely settled from the album and boom: a new live show. Has this always been the plan or have other circumstances influenced this accelerated new chapter? 

We have just been on such a roll since the last months of making Mosaik, so we just kept the pressure high and went straight into making more music, evolving our production techniques even more, and yes, creating a new show to present our music the best way possible. Even when making Mosaik we knew we want to have a special show to go with it as the music carries a lot of emotions and will work well with analogue gear and our new visual experience, particularly made for each tune.

We all know how much detail went into the last live show. What can you tell us about the details and tech spec of this new concept?

The Mosaik show will be a logical progression from the Zeitgeist show. We will incorporate more analogue gear, like the Moog Sub37 and a Prophet6 and we will try to perform as much live as possible. We are just working on live versions of our own tunes to keep it exciting and energetic even if not 3 tunes are playing at once as people are used to from DJ sets nowadays. Furthermore we are just in the process of getting a custom midi controller done, that will cover all our needs, like a sequencer, pattern matrix and big filter knobs and more geeky gimmicks.

 You’re kicking off in your home town and we hear you’ve got some killer special guests, right?

Our biggest show that we have ever promoted ourselves is at the Gasometer in Vienna on October 6 and we have invited some of our closest Austrian producer friends as well as two international D&B legends that we look up to and their release catalogue still leaves us speechless. Sub Focus, High Contrast, Schnitzelbrother Mefjus, Kimyan Law, Disaszt & Body&Soul. All of them will be supporting us premiering our new live experience, we are already pretty excited!

Next stop 2018, right? Once activated, the tour is a nonstop machine, right?

Yes! We are planning to hit European festivals next summer and we will always work further on the content to keep it alive and evolving. This time it will really be about the music, the interaction with the visuals and how to present Camo & Krooked in a unique way, that gives another dimension to D&B presented live.

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