Can You Outrun Disciple Recordings’ Big Riddim Monsta?

big riddim monsta

Disciple Recordings are back on the game flex. After the success of their first smartphone game Rivals – The Game earlier this year, they’ve developed another deliciously retro side-scrolling game for next week’s release of 12th Planet & Dodge & Fuski – Big Riddim Monsta.

Celebrating these powerful sounds, and the heavyweight partnership behind them, Big Riddim Monsta will be a free game, compatible with both Apple and Android, that’s devilishly simple: play the role of either 12th Planet or Dodge and outrun the evil horny big riddim bastard for as long as possible while avoiding all manner of obstacles.

Those who tweet the highest scores to @DiscipleRecs tagging #BigRiddimMonsta will be in line for a really cool, unique prize. Unfortunately we’ve been told not to say what that is at present.

In the meantime, here are some screen shots. And here is a pre-order. Big Riddim Monsta – both the release itself and the game, is released on June 15. If Rivals – The Game is anything to go by, this will sap you of serious hours. So get all those chores and jobs you’ve been putting off done now and clear some space in your diary.


big riddim monsta 2 big riddim monsta 3