Carnage Fires $10,000 Out To The Dancefloor!


Some DJs throw out the odd mix CD. Other DJs spray the crowd with cake crumbs and cheap fizz.

This Saturday Carnage took this to a whole new level and hurled out $10,000 in one dollar bills to the sold out crowd in Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom.

Explaining on his Facebook page how he wanted to give something back to the fans who’ve supported him to reach his position the larger than life artist hid the money in the confetti blasters and stood front of stage as his intro track – Bricks with Migos – to watch the carnage unfold.

Developing this, he also stated that “if you hate on this must be mad cuz they gave you a tiny scoop of steak at Chipotle” and that this might not be a one-off, stating “PS. Im gonna start doing all types of cool stuff to show you guys how much I care and love you all.”

Carnage: we salute you!
Head to his Twitter account where fans who enjoyed the fruits of his generous activity have already hit him up to show their appreciation and the paper! In the meantime, here’s how it all went down….