Caspa Launches New Label Ghost Town

Dubstep OG Caspa has launched his first new label in 15 years: Ghost Town

Firing up as his hometown London comes out of a lockdown-imposed ghost town status, Ghost Town takes it name from his series of US events last year and is a brand new chapter for the unfailing dubstep heavyweight. It kicks off with a mighty six-track EP: Let’s Get Weird.

Weird times call for weird beats; each of the new tracks see Caspa continuing his line of stripped-back club wonkers and wild, unrestrained basslines. From the strange funky squiggles of What The Brass to the grumpy bumps of Sedated and the out-and-out wooziness of Don’t Know When To Stop, the EP is the sound of a man barging his way out of the weirdest year of our lives so far with a whole armoury of dubs and big plans for 2021 and beyond.

“The clubs have been like a ghost town but that’s given me more time to work on some next level music and set up big plans for the brighter times,” says Caspa. “Years like this have made us appreciate what we’ve got and I honestly think when we come out of it, we’ll have a much stronger, appreciative scene and more so society. That’s what Ghost Town is about – taking a running jump and leaping into 2021 all dub dubs blazing and leaving the fear and doubt of the past behind!”

From Dub Police seargant to Ghost Town lord mayor, it’s prime war talk once again. Not that we’re surprised; one of the earliest articles we ever published on this site, way back in 2014, was with Caspa defiantly proclaiming how dubstep was not dead and how moments of adversity filter out the time wasters and number lovers and create space for those who are truly committed to the craft.

After the last eight months of regular mixes, free downloads and even his own successful ticketed secret streamed event, Caspa’s remained committed, inspired and hard at work even during the most challenging of times. Ghost Town will reflect this as it begins to roll out throughout 2021. Expect plenty more weirdness as he continues…

Let’s Get Weird is out now on Ghost Town

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