Changing Faces Is On A Mission

Changing Faces cracked open a tasty bottle of 2019 last week with her first single of the year: Hypnotic / Monochrome on Hoofbeats.

She launched it this weekend with an event in her home city Bratislava. The first drum & bass workshop style event in Slovakia, it’s aimed at spreading the D&B gospel, attracting new ears, inspiring new producers and putting drum & bass on the map as much as possible.

“I’m jelly of the UK scene,” he laughs. “I want Slovakia to have such a healthy scene. We have some amazing things here but I think we can do even better and have even more variety.”

For added variety, check her new single as she flexes both her more melodic dancefloor style on Hypnotise and the dreamier liquid she first caught our attention with in 2016. Here’s Monochrome…

And here’s where Changing Faces is at…

You’re on a mission…

I just wish drum & bass was more popular in Slovakia. It deserves more attention. We have a healthy scene here but I want more.

More styles?

Yes! We have some amazing crews out here doing great music on the harder side of things but I want to see more variety, more melodic drum & bass, more liquid.

You did a national interview with Red Bull that ruffled some feathers, didn’t you?

It was completely misunderstood. I was bigging up the whole scene but said what I just said to you, but it was understood that I didn’t like neuro which isn’t true.

What happened?

One guy started saying shit on his private page and I was seeing screen shots of it but I couldn’t reply. He said ‘how can she say something stupid like that?’ and many people joined in and insulted me a lot. Really nasty stuff and a lot of made up stuff, too. I have never called anyone out or insulted any subgenre. It’s stupid and frustrating.

The times I’ve seen you play you dip into a variety of styles…

Yes I play everything. Some harder tunes, bits of jump up. It’s drum & bass, I love it all.

How long did this go on?

A while. Too long. But I guess it was good promo for the article. The only positive thing.

In the interview it translated a line to ‘Slovak crews are doing the snaps.’ What’s the snaps?

When you have promoters booking parties on the same day. Like if I schedule a party on March 10 and you come along and do the same to make competition.

Nothing develops that way!

Yeah I want more parties, but not all on the same night and promoters are fighting. Drum & bass is underground, it’s not like house and techno nights where there are many, we need to work together. That’s why I love brands like Liquicity where it’s become one big family and they do events and releases and all these different things and they work together. I wish we had that in Slovakia.

Tell me about your event that just happened…

It was at Footshop, a streetwear shop here in Bratislava. It was fun. I showed some tips and tricks, shared advice on how to produce music, how to reach promotional channels on the internet and just show drum & bass to more people. It wasn’t a rave. Just a nice chilled day event.  Honestly we were expecting more people, but the atmosphere was amazing. I was anxious to speak in the front of other people but it turned out quite nice as the reaction to new video and tunes was very sweet and people were asking interesting questions too. I think everybody had a good time! If I’m right, this was the first ever workshop focused on D&B here in Slovakia, and I’m sure it will be even better next time. We also had fun playing short DJ sets at the end. It’s been really cool and a nice way to show people that drum & bass can be all kinds of styles and there should be a focus on the music and not just everybody getting wasted on drugs. Oh, and also to promote my single of course!

Tell us everything about the single

It’s two tracks Hypnotic and Monochrome. They are two different sides to the sound I play; one a little more dancefloor and the other a little more liquid. They’re out on Hoofbeats, a label from Czech Republic. I joined their crew a while ago, they’ve been really cool and helped me get more gigs and sell merch here. I’ve been pushing this single as much as I can, to make more people aware of Hoofbeats and also continue to put Slovakia on the map and show the world there’s some cool music coming from here and some very talented people. There’s some very good things in our scene. We have B-Complex, L-Plus, Subtension who started a production /DJ school, The Prophecy and a new crew called DNB Zone who just released a new compilation. Its deep and neurofunk and I like that you can see unknown Slovak producers there. Some of the tunes are really sick. And really important… It’s not easy to release on a label these days.

There’s a lot of competition!

Too much.

So what’s next?

I want to learn more and know as much as I can in the studio. I want to be more technical, spend more time on tracks and explore the details. I want to make dancefloor D&B as good as Dimension. He and Culture Shock and 1991 are my heroes, I’ve said many times, and I want to be playing on line ups alongside them.

And bringing line-ups like that to Slovakia!

I want to bring ALL styles to Slovakia. If I won the lottery I would throw a massive party with a very varied line-up.

What would your dream line-up be?

Obviously Dimension, Culture Shock, 1991, Metrik, Netsky, Sub Focus… The list goes on and on. I just want to bring more melodic and liquid drum & bass to Slovakia. Like I said, our scene is healthy and growing. But I think we could all work together more and making it even bigger.

Changing Faces – Hypnotic / Monochrome is out February 15 on Hoofbeats