Chemical Brothers to release new album next year

chemical brothers

2015 is shaping up to be a potential year of rave legends… The Prodigy have been teasing us with tidbits and teasers since the summer and now the Chemical Brothers have confirmed a new album will definitely land next year.

One of the most influential acts in electronic music, it’s been over four years since Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons last served up a full length document and the new arrival (their eighth to date) will mark twenty years since the duo first permanently dented club culture with their debut album Exit Planet Dust.

The news landed yesterday when Rowlands confirmed the new album and new “intense ride” live show to Barcelona festival Sonar, which the duo will be headlining next June.

“I guess the most important feature of the album is that it connects with us emotionally in some way,” states Tom. “We hope for finding a new way to make you feel. We dream of new sounds and different frames. We have worked with some guest singers but mostly the album is pure Chemical Brothers.”

This is the second Chemical Brothers revelation we’ve had recently. Previously Ed Simons revealed to Bugged Out that he won’t be present during the band’s live performances to pursue his academic work.

20 years deep and the Brothers still working it out… We’ll keep you posted on further revelations.

Source & Image: Chemical Brothers Facebook