Clashmouth Returns to House of Vans

This November 26 South London’s favorite multi-purpose venue House Of Vans reopens its ramps to Clashmounth- the drum and bass record market. 

Clashmouth started back in 2017 out as a way of providing a free space for  direct to fan selling in real life rather than on the internet. “The first Clashmouth actually took place on Record Store Day.” Begins Dexta, one of the event’s founders. “Record Store Day is more geared toward the rock and indie market rather than dance music, so we wanted to create a space which supported records and the drum and bass industry. It’s become a bit of a pilgrimage, people come from all over the world, well… they might plan their holiday around it! haha!” 

If you’ve been to the event before it’s not hard to see how it’s become a go to. It’s a rare opportunity for artists, label managers, collectors, fans- anybody and everybody connected to the drum and bass scene to connect, without being in dark, laser lit rooms and without music playing at rib rattling volumes. Clashmouth creates a space for the community to chat about the rarest dubs and new exciting artists or reminisce about the nights of raves past. The open bar and cafe means thirst will remain quenched and  hunger pangs can remain suppressed so revelers can easily enjoy hours of record hunting at this family friendly event.

Clashmouth, like most other record fairs, creates a model which allows labels to sell directly to their fans and in doing so ensures that 100% of the revenue flows back into the hands of the people who work so hard building up the scene. 

Aside from the stalls of wax and merch the day is soundtracked by live DJs on rotation throughout, you’ll be sure to hear a exciting combination of freshly cut dubs and some of the rarest tracks of yesteryear. As with previous years, the House of Vans lecture theater will be hosted by Education & Bass. Earlier events have seen the brand hold panels, talks and workshops.

The event is free for everyone, no need to book tickets, just turn up and enjoy. You can find all the details here.