Classical Noisia?


It’s all kicking off on Instagram this week.

On Monday Feed Me teased us with possible future Spor content. Now Thijs from Noisia is teasing us with definite classical content!

He actually posted it last week, but Noisia shouted it on their Facebook last night and it’s a great insight into how technical and classical the minds of Noisia go…

Thijs actually wrote about his recent exploits in the modern classical world on his blog last month. Last night Noisia confirmed that he will be performing the sounds you can hear on that Instagram clip with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra on November 15 at Club Vera in the band’s home town of Groningen.

We’ve learnt that the performance won’t be a full orchestra as they wouldn’t all fit in the venue, but rather an ensemble of seven woodwind musicians. For more details from Thijs himself, check out his Soundcloud account.

Yet another reason to respect Noisia and their attention to every aspect of modern music – from high level production to the rudiments of all music itself – but this isn’t the first time the band and classical music have been compared on UKF… In July Keeno astutely compared their epic Diplodocus with Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Props to Keeno, there!

If you’re in Groningen on November 15 you would be wise to experience this.

Noisia and Keeno aren’t the only acts to be compared to, or hype up, classical music. The links between the two seemingly disparate worlds of music have also been compared in these previous UKF features…

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