Come For The Trolldrop… Stay For The Comments

mashd & kutcher

Yesterday afternoon this very silly trolldrop video from Australian DJs Mashd N Kutcher (pictured) started doing the rounds. It’s since gone viral and amassed over two and a half million views.

Exploiting the bold, brash build up of Timmy Trumpet’s Freaks to suddenly drop Spandau Ballet’s True (just like Adventure Club did last year), the reaction of the crowd is priceless.

What’s even funnier, though, is the comment section that features a 450 comment toilet talk thread (based off a Darude – Sandstorm remark) and an array of ‘boob flash at 0.19’ gags. Check it out if you’ve not already seen it… The video last 17 seconds but the comments will keep you there a lot longer. Mashd N Kutcher, Spandau Ballet and the entire internet are all winners here. Well played.

H/T: YourEDM