Could Engine-Earz Experiment Win A Grammy This Weekend?

It’s been a few years since we last saw a thoroughbred bass act nominated in the Grammys but this Sunday night’s ceremony will change that as Circus Records’ album Symbol by Engine-Earz Experiment is up for a trophy.

The album is up for Best Immersive Audio Album, to be precise: a brand new category that takes the place of the Best Surround Sound Album and Symbol has been nominated for its Auro-3D version. The album, as you’re likely to already know, is a trip in itself but the 3D version is a other whole level. Sculpted by Darcy Proper, Ronald Prent and of course Mr Engine-Earz himself Prash Mistry. You can experience a taste of the 3D version here (headphones required)…

It’s a big night for Prash on Sunday. Not only is his album nominated for a Grammy but UK runaway sensation Jorja Smith, who he’s been engineering since day one, is also up for Best New Artist in the 61st annual award ceremony. We caught up with Prash, who’s also recently enjoyed number one success as the engineer who made The Prodigy’s latest album No Tourists sound so huge, to see how he’s feeling in the run up to one of the most next lev nights of his life so far…

Congratulations on the nomination! When did you find out and what did you do to celebrate? 

Thanks! I was scrolling through to see if Jorja had been nominated and was overjoyed to see that indeed she had… And then I saw my name! Naturally I assumed I was hallucinating so phoned a friend to confirm. After very proud conversations with bandmates, label and management I celebrated by eating a copious amount of cheese that evening with my missus and younger bro.

It’s really interesting as this is the first year the award has been changed from Best Surround Sound to Best Immersive Audio Album which indicates a much wider technological discourse…. What are your thoughts on this and how do you feel about being part of the first nominations this award has had since the change?

I believe it is to take into account the move towards VR/AR as well as other cutting edge advancements in the way music is being consumed now. It’s such an exciting time for the audio community as we’re now being called on to soundtrack entire online experiences beyond more traditional artforms. I feel hugely blessed to have Symbol nominated as the Auro-3D 9.1 (and 5.1) Pure Audio Blu Ray is quite honestly such a brilliant interpretation of the record. As a full time mixing and mastering engineer myself, I am completely in awe of what Darcy Proper and Ronald Prent delivered! To me it’s truly a benchmark in creative audio for this format.

And what are your thoughts on the other albums that have been nominated in this category? 

We are up against some very steep competition, that’s for sure! Morten Lindberg who mixed two of the other releases is a true master in this field also. But let’s see…

I know you’ve been nominated for awards before but this is next lev business, right? 

Haha this is most definitely next lev business!! Mostly I’m a background nerd as you can probably tell. Although the Mercury nomination (and now Brit Album Of The Year!) for Jorja Smith’s Lost & Found album was most definitely a real buzz to be a part of with my mixing and mastering. I was proud to share in The Prodigy’s UK Number 1 album as mastering engineer last year too.

Absolutely. Do you have a tux ready?

I did actually buy a super slick Indian outfit for the Grammy’s, however a very important project has emerged so I’ll be enjoying the ceremony remotely via my management and Jorja and our FAMM team.

Yeah Jorja’s smashing it…

Ah man it’s just incredible. She’s been nominated as Best New Artist as an independent British artist. I’m not sure it’s ever actually happened before! But then, to be fair, Jorja has been a trailblazer since the beginning. I couldn’t be more proud to be in-house mix and mastering engineer in her team FAMM all the way back to her first release Blue Lights.

How will you celebrate if you win? 

Eat more cheese while watching new Alan Partridge!

Good luck to Engine Earz Experiment, Jorja Smith and everyone else repping realness at the Grammys on Sunday. It kicks off Sunday February 10 5pm PST