Culture Shock FINALLY unleashes City Lights

culture shock - city lights

Classic VIP dubplates notwithstanding, Culture Shock – City Lights is officially one of the most longest awaited tracks drum & bass has ever known.

Finally debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show last Friday night – and released today on Beatport – Culture Shock – City Lights first started making cameos in Andy C’s sets as far back as late 2009.

Described by Andy C as “one of the most in demand tracks I’ve ever played!”, the track’s big breezy filtered synth blasts first officially emerged on a Andy C Mixmag cover CD in July 2012 then globally on his heavyweight Nightlife 6 mix 16 months later in November 2013.

Released as a joint venture between Ram Records and Virgin EMI, and fronted by Bryn Christopher (who you’ll be more familiar with as part of the mighty I SEE MONSTAS), Culture Shock is no stranger to the words ‘long awaited’.

Easily one of the most peer-and-fan-respected producers in the scene, his discography is peppered with epic calendar gaps between releases. With any luck this workflow is set to change as he explains in last year’s exclusive UKF interview.

Five years is a crazy-long time in any genre, but in terms of drum & bass, a genre that characterises itself with quantum leaps in production and dangerously bold sound design, it’s an entire lifetime. Obviously its been updated over the years, but the fact the riff, hook and timeless vibe still stand up (and out) against any current production is testament to Culture Shock’s creative skills.

So far only the vocal version is available on Beatport and the official release date (which is likely to include the instrumental and remixes, although that hasn’t officially been confirmed) is set for May 10.

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