Current Value confirms new album: Biocellulose (Critical Music)

Current Value – Biocellulose

As we confirmed earlier this year, Current Value’s relationship with Critical Music is set to reach a new height as the label deliver his next studio album on March 25: Current Value – Biocellulose

A 12 track, digi-only tech odyssey featuring collaborations with Phace and Mefjus and remixes from Enei and Anode, Biocellulose is the latest in a recent run of successful singles EPs and tracks on the likes of Invisible, Blackout, Bad Taste, Trendkill and Critical’s Binary series. Each release neatly documenting his evolution from the more experimental, denser frontiers to the very forefront of neuro and tech-influenced drum & bass, Biocellulose compounds Current Value’s recent developments on a whole new level.

Its title inspired by the nano-thin material used in the diaphragm of high-end headphones (and also used as a component in artificial skin) Biocellulose is the Berlin-based artist’s tenth album in 18 years. His first since 2013’s Stay On The Planet, it’s also the longest we’ve had to wait for a Current Value album and arguably the biggest creative leap he’s made in recent years.

“Yes indeed!” agrees Current Value, real name Tim Eliot. “To put it simply, I got a shot and went for it: namely sending tracks to Black Sun Empire and to Kasra – and that being in the middle of a huge inspirational moment end of 2014. The positive response from both of them transformed me – once again – into a production machine. I wouldn’t say I was stuck in my old ways and sound but what I “said” was “said” and it seemed the right time to move on and focus on something that I’ve always wanted to do. It couldn’t have been a better decision!”

One particular factor that he explained to us last summer was the influence of Mefjus. The Austrian artist’s productions actually inspired Tim contact Kasra and send him music in the first place. Naturally, Mefjus appears on Biocellulose with the nutty, abrasive Senescence.

“We both share similar qualities such as the ability to focus and concentrate for a long time,” laughs Tim. “The momentum of humour is also there which makes it very enjoyable to work with Martin including jumping in the chair and hitting each other when a plan comes together. It is also interesting when there is true exchange of knowledge and you profit from each other. We will definitely work on more stuff soon!”

His collaboration with Phace – Thump – is another on-point knowledge profit exchange exercise (and was penned during the same session they wrote Wild Thing for the Phace & Friends EP) and we’ve grabbed for an exclusive premiere…

“My input was mostly on the sounds/sound design,” says Tim. “Florian is a badman when it comes to the actual arrangement/song structure! He’s a lovely person to work with and it won’t be the last time we collaborate for sure!”

Another track that’s been premiered from the album today – on Neurofunkgrid – is Footwork. Metallic, space-gazing and powered by one of the grittiest, rolling basslines you’ll hear this season, it not only sums up the quality of Current Value – Biocellulose but also his studio skills and his rough, dangerous take on a drum & bass production style that is sometimes criticised for being too clean and sterile. The way he approached it is appropriately brash and ‘in the moment’.

“Footwork was one of these afternoon projects,” he explains. “Have an idea and get it done as quickly as possible so you actually retain the idea that you actually had in the beginning. 4/4 Bassline figure (fm based modulation) and a strong beat behind it aiming at the dancefloor. Some wobbly snippets on top to complete and add some cheekyness to it. All in all a rather tool – oriented tune.”

From titanic collaborations to organic, freeform idea explorations that don’t linger at half-produced status, Current Value – Biocellulose sums up exactly why Current Value commands his unique space in drum & bass. Full tracklist and release information…

Current Value & Phace – Thump
Current Value – Interstep
Current Value – Jump
Current Value – Footwork
Current Value – Biocellulose
Current Value – Changes
Current Value & Mefjus – Senescence
Current Value – Pneumatics
Current Value – Sleeper
Current Value – Vigilant Minds
Current Value – Jump (Enei Remix)
Current Value – Pneumatics (Anode Remix)

Current Value – Biocellulose is out March 25 on Critical Music