Dada Life go Bananas and break second world record

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From longest crowd cheer (over 2 minutes for Steve Aoki) to longest DJ set (200 hours by Polish DJ Noberto Loco) electronic music isn’t shy of a Guiness world record or two.

Swedish duo Dada Life, however, are kings of the strangest records by a long shot: In 2013 they set a world record for largest pillow fight with 3813 people participating in the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago. That’s since been broken twice (most recently two days ago on July 21) but their brand new record certainly remains intact…

Last Saturday, July 18, Dada Life hosted their own festival The Voyage with Insomniac. Not only did they invite the likes of 12th Planet, 3Lau, Ookay and Wuki to perform, they also asked their fans to come dressed as bananas to set a new record of the largest gathering of people dressed as fruit.

Not just in keeping with their tongue-in-cheek humour and branding, the bananageddon was also to help raise awareness of Panama Disease, a blight that’s affecting plantations across Africa and Latin America.

“We use bananas for everything, seriously,” stated Dada Life’s Ollie Corneer about the fruity feat. “They’re on our rider, our fans come to gigs dressed as them, they’re even in our logo. Imagine if we can’t get hold of them any more, it’s a crazy thought.”

A crazy thought requires crazy actions, and Dada Life succeeded with their record attempt as 629 banana-clad fans congregated for Guiness officials at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernadino, smashing the previous record (404 people dressed as grapes in Germany) and achieving Dada Life’s second appearance on the Guiness World Record annals.

Props to Dada Life and everyone who represented in this strange but definitely worthy feat.


dada life bananas

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Image source: Dada Life / Guiness World Records