Danny Byrd announces Daniel Bedingfield collaboration

Danny Byrdingfield? Two big Ds are set to collide for a surprising shock out…

Last Friday’s Hospitality In The Dock was another full D&B spectrum success with more fizzy rave highlights than you can possibly throw a shoe at… Etherwood’s live debut left the crowd speechless, Kings Of The Rollers tore us all a new one, Randall gave us a history lesson and the likes of Bad Company and The Panacea corrupted the structural integrity of the subterranean carpark arena.

One particularly unique highlight came midway through Danny Byrd’s set. Fired up in between a certain hot-property High Contrast bootleg and Danny’s evergreen Brookes Brothers collaboration Get On It was a vocal track that had many in the main Gallery arena crowd raising phones and lighters.

Chopped and flexed in Danny’s typical style, the ID was powered by spliced amens while the surging tones of a familiar UK male vocal rode of the top; Daniel Bedingfield, the BRIT award-winning singer who rose to prominence in the early 2000s through the UK garage explosion and has since gone on to enjoy numerous hits and write songs for many more artists ranging from house artist Secondcity and K-pop act Spica. You can also add Danny Byrd to that list, we can exclusively confirm.

“Yes it’s true and I’m really pleased to be able to talk about it, it’s been a pretty mad experience,” explains Danny who released his first original song in six years earlier on this year: Devil’s Drop on January’s Sick Music 2018 album. “We met online really randomly a few years ago when I outbid him for a rare Suburban Base white label on eBay. He emailed me some pretty threatening messages and images to be fair but somehow we sorted out our differences and got chatting. Turns out he’s one of the most knowledgeable collectors and serious junglists you’ll ever meet!”

Realising they could both fire off seminal MC 5ive-O bars from memory and knew every Formation Records catalogue number, Danny and Daniel put the situation behind them and got to work.

“Daniel actually had this idea for this ragamuffin topline but wanted to try it out over some proper chopped up amens and asked if I could send over ‘the roughest beats I’ve got’’  says Danny who is rumoured to be dropping more new material imminently.

“I sent him over a little something and he got back with a version in like half hour. I can’t even begin to describe what fire it was. Proper powerful from-the-heart stuff. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. His style and delivery is perfect at 170BPM. If anything, the rougher the drums, the better he stands out.”

Byrd, who is currently working on his fourth artist album, continued to reveal that they have several tracks in the pipeline and the first one – the as yet untitled dub thousands experienced at Hospitality In The Dock – is ready to drop before the summer and has potential to soundtrack many festivals this season.

“We just gotta get through this mixdown and it will be ready,” says Danny. “Daniel Bedingfield is an absolute badman. He just gets it. He’s got such a raw soul that works in a heavy jungle context. Behind all those massive chart hits and pop exposure he’s one of the biggest jungle heads I’ve ever met. I can’t speak on his behalf but I get the feeling jungle was always his calling, he just got distracted by other styles of songwriting. I just hope this project gives him the respect he deserves in the game.”

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