Datsik’s just announced a MASSIVE remix competition!


Fancy remixing Datsik?

Fancy playing at the legendary Shambhala festival?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions then read on and follow the links.

Datsik, Firepower, Wavo and Shambhala have just announced a massive remix competition that will see one lucky winner get a free release on Firepower and play a 30 minute set at Shambhala on the Village Stage.

None of the parties involved in this competition need any introduction. Those who follow Datsik will know that Shambhala has played an inspirational role in his career and his Shambhala mixtapes – made in honour of the hugely respected anti-corporate event and its passionate community – are often home to material that’s so upfront we have to wait over a year for their release.

The remix competition will see all participants letting loose on the stems of this here banger from his Down 4 My Ninjas EP.

The closing date for entries is June 25 while the final date for votes (via Wavo) is July 1.  You can grab the stems and find out everything else you need to know right hereGood luck!

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