Deadmau5: “I’m talking about disappearing altogether”


Joel Zimmerman has taken to Twitter… Again. This time to suggest he may ditch his deadmau5 guise and “disappear”

Just days after his recent words of clarity against Bieber on, yesterday he unleashed this loaded tweet:

The tweet triggered a bombardment of replies from fans, haters and peers alike… Including dubstep act Variations and fellow EDM headliner Laidback Luke…

He’s got a good point, deadmau5 has been stating he will eventually turn to more experimental pastures since at least 2008. Naturally Joel replied. And he did so with a brand new clip stating that kind of harks back to his formative Faxing Berlin days but deeper and weirder and more intriguing.

As for the potential closure of his deadmau5 alias, Joel explained to fans that if he does kill it off, it will be forever…

This isn’t the first time he’s eluded to vanishing – permanently or temporarily – and he has got a pedigree for setting up a new alias with Testpilot, but even by deadmau5 standards, he’s sounding pretty jaded. Seems like Christmas – if people like Joel actually take time off during the holiday season – can’t come soon enough. We’d say we’ll keep you posted on developments but the best place for that is Joel’s Twitter feed itself