deadmau5: “So long…”


It looks like deadmau5 is about to take another sabbatical…

On the early hours of Wednesday October 29 the Canadian superstar signed out of his Twitter and Facebook with the succinct message: ‘So long! And thanks for all the fish!’ 

A reference to Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (in which dolphins leave the planet with a poignant warning of mankind’s greed, stupidity and lack of foresight), deadmau5 backed up his simple cheerio with this blog post yesterday in which he explains his desire for change and plans to isolate himself for a while.

This is by no means goodbye, however, as he explains how this recent move – which will happen after he headlines HARD Day Of The Dead this weekend with Eric Prydz – will hopefully trigger inspiration for “more crazy things for 2015”.

Stating how he’s going to “cool off Twitter, leave the Paris-ites and everything else alone just for a while” his wish is to screw his head back on and focus on things to come. Hinting at a new studio and new plans, it’s blatantly clear he’ll be back… Probably sooner than he’s suggesting. 

We all know this isn’t the first time deadmau5 has offered a temporary farewell; Just two weeks shy of a year ago he made a similar announcement but offered a jibe at Lady Gaga instead of Paris Hilton. Three things are certain, though… One – he’ll be back with more provocative observations and activities very soon. Two – Twitter will be a bit quieter for a while. Three – for all his apparent sarcasm, barbed commentary and acutely honest critique, his sign-out is very respectful to fans who’ve supported him.  

“So, thank you to all the fans and supporters who have helped me achieve this little transition, and with any luck im sure i’ll find a little more solitude and peace out there as opposed to being couped up in this apartment life.” 

We look forward to his return…