deadmau5 Steps Up To Twitter Challenge, Creates TwitterStep


In the early hours of this morning (around 4am UK time) deadmau5 randomly stepped up to a challenge from a Twitter follower and created what he’s tagged as ‘TwitterStep.’

Moments after a rant about over-zealous ‘fans’ stepping onto his driveway to abuse his girlfriend, and another rant about snoozy formulaic 4/4 beats, Twitter user Jez Biggs challenged deadmau5 to create a groove with a different time signature…

Accepting the challenge, the next two hours saw of a flurry of tweets from Joel Zimmerman before finally delivering something really quite interesting and different.

Dreamy, deep and constantly unfolding to reveal a different rhythm, it’s headphone heaven… And a beatmatcher’s hell. We’d love to hear an extended version but for two hours work this is really impressive… And just a little headmelty.

A neat reminder of deadmau5’s skills; while his headliner peers have been remixing nursery rhymes and cheesy film themes this week, he’s stepping up to challenges from random internet folk and shutting us down in the space of two hours. Clap your hands.

5 thoughts on “deadmau5 Steps Up To Twitter Challenge, Creates TwitterStep”

    • Come up with something better in two hours while ticking the same boxes. Bet you cant.

    • The whole point was to fit a 7/8 3/4 13/16 alternating bar. It couldn’t possibly sound ‘good’.

      • No, it sounds amazing. Apparently you’ve never listened to any IDM artists; keep your head out of the EDM clouds and expand your musical taste. It’s alternating, but it’s still a consistent beat. Sounds great.

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