Degs, De:tune & Citrusfly reveal new project – Hologram

Best known for his soulful singing and razor-sharp bars, Degs has flipped the switch once again and revealed a new production project: Hologram.

The project comprises two of Degs’ closest friends who have been entrenched in D&B culture and risen up the ranks with the Hospital Records artist: De:tune, who produced Degs’ breakthrough smash Poveglia and has released on Program, and Citrusfly, who co-produced Degs bangers No Prisoners and Final Notice, along with De:tune and has released on the likes of Pick N Mix and BYTHEPRODUCER.

Hologram errs on the darker, futuristic side of drum & bass, and the project launches today on Ram Records with the gritty and grizzly 404

“Making music with my mates has always been the dream,” says Degs. “So to have our very first single on a label as prestigious as Ram is a blessing for us!”

404 lands on a brand new Ram VA series called Riot, a concept which follows the label’s Dimensions series as a platform for brand new battle-ready drum & bass for the turbulent and intense 2020s.

With its switches and fired up fluctuations 404 reflects this perfectly and is joined by a slew of similarly forthright and powerful dancefloor weapons from the likes of NC-17 & Replicant, Prestige, Nick The Lot, Sound In Noise, Jam Thieves, Showdown and Subview. You can catch the whole EP here. We checked in with Degs, De:tune and Citrusfly for a little more Hologram hype:

De:tune: Collaboration means we can not only be more creative, but also more efficient. The ability to have a track bounce between us gives the individuals a break from that song to create more while others add their unique flavour. It’s win win.

Citrusfly: This project started as three mates trying to ease lockdown pressures by making music. To me being able to create music with your best mates who are extremely talented and well known with in the scene has lifted my skill set tenfold. also being able to actually get a track finished before starting a new one is a bonus

Degs: There’s so much to come from us in 2022. Dave and Rich are two of my closest pals and I rate them so highly as musicians and people. For me personally, it’s great to be able to spread my wings production-wise and create styles I’m not usually known for. I think this project might surprise a lot of people… Hopefully in a good way haha.

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