More details on Savant’s laptop smashing saga…

savant smashes laptop

Savant has hit the electronic music headlines again. This time with a good old fashioned Hendrix-style laptop smash-up at a show in Union Hall, Edmonton. In case you haven’t seen it, this is how it went down…

We called up his manager – known to most as Z – to find out what went down. He’s the worried looking guy closest to the camera.

“Yeah I was worried for a while,” he admits. “I was trying to hold him back because he was smashing it on some expensive LED screens the venue had just installed! Then I realised they had reinforced screens and they would take a lot more than a laptop smashing on them!”
This destructive finale came about after five blue screen failures during the show. As far as both Z and the party promoter were concerned, it was the best way Savant could possibly end his recent run of performances.

“It was a two hour set and this was the last half hour so it could have been so much worse,” admits Z. “But he looked at me on the last crash and I was like ‘hey man, we’ve got the new laptop ready to go in April. If you want to smash it up you go for it!’ He looked at me with that ‘fuck yeah!’ look and went ahead.

“No material was lost either… That laptop was specifically for performance. We knew it was going to die soon just maybe not so soon. The promoter loved it too. He went nuts, he was more than happy that it happened. Aleks could have walked off stage in a mood and left it at that but smashing a $5000 laptop is a grand finale you don’t see every day.”

You can say that again. Savant returns to the stage in April (complete with a brand new laptop). In the meantime, stay tuned to UKF as we will be delivering the sickest Savant video ever made tomorrow. Hold tight!

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