Digital & Outrage Launch FUNBACK

As teased on their respective Facebook pages last week, influential bass totems Digital and Outrage (the man you may know more commonly as Nomine) have fused two of their labels Function and Backlash to create FUNBACK a new joint label they describe simply as “a no frills 10″ white label project representing straight up street beats, vibes and bass.”

The release comprises a solo track from each artist and drops October 15. Vinyl units are limited but it will also be available on digital. They sound a bit like this:

And this:

FUNBACK is the latest in a long line of joint ventures between the two longstanding UK artists. Digital signed early Outrage releases to L Plates (a label he ran for the cult and highly influential indie Timeless) and the pair worked together throughout much of the 2000s culminating with their album Red Letter.

“We had a conversation about the old white label / promo way of doing things with vinyl and thought that it would be a good idea to release some music without thinking too much about it, bringing some of the “Fun Back” without the bells and whistles of fancy artwork, letting the music do the talking,” explains Outrage/Nomine. “It’s easy to get caught up in the business side of things which can sometimes dictate or slow down your output so we wanted to break those shackles and have some fun.”

The FUNBACK also marks the relaunch of Outrage’s label Backlash. Held on hiatus while he pursued his ‘no rules’ bass project as Nomine with his Nomine Sound imprint, Backlash will return with fresh material in due course.

“I have some music lined up for it but have been waiting for the right time,” he explains. “Steve (Digital) and I have always worked well together and this has helped motivate me again to work on more drum & bass / jungle.”

FUNBACK, meanwhile, is already locked with its 002 release with no other agenda but to “make music and release it when we feel like it. It has been on the cards for a while, this feels like the right time!”

Amen. Pre-order FUNBACK 001 here.

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