Dillon Francis launches DJ World

DJ World

It’s the DJ reality show we’ve all been waiting for… DJ World

Yet another example of Dillon Francis’s on-point, currently unquenchable satire mission, barely a week has passed since he had us rolling with his middle class, middle age block party riot, and he’s back again with Getter and Nick Colletti with a seven episode LOL-athon that airs every Tuesday and Thursday on his YouTube channel.

Directed by Brandon Dermer – the man behind awesome videos such as Kill The Noise & Feed Me’s I Do Coke and Dillon’s Not Butter, among many other cool videos – last night’s episode introduced the six DJs who will live in the reality show house. ┬áThe DJs include an androgynous pink-haired pill-muncher, a wet-eared mummy-coddled bedroom DJ, a cynical emo with a blowjob addiction and the classic gold-chain wearing douche whose main inspiration is David Guetta… But not in the way you might assume.

Watch right to the end when Dillon’s over-eager presenter persona drops one of the funniest lines on YouTube ever.