Disciple Announce Knights Of The Round Table Vol 1

Amid one of the most turbulent weeks the label ever has experienced in its four year history, Disciple have announced their actual plans for their new sub-label Disciple Round Table label.

The sub-label will be captained by recent signing 12th Planet, will focus on the heavier riddim side of dubstep and will champion and nurture new talent. Future sounds are expected to come from the likes of INFEKT, Ivory, Murda, Samplifire and Dirt Monkey and the label ignites in earnest on October 5 with a full V/A album. The first track to be revealed is 12th Planet, Barely Alive & PhaseOne’s jaw-breaking Send It.

Launching the album yesterday on Billboard, 12th Planet explains how Disciple Round Table “is another way for me to champion the artists I believe in, and I’m pumped to put these heaters out.” We’re excited to see how this develops.

One thing we can all be sure of, after SKisM’s raw revelations this week, is that Disciple Round Table’s artwork and style will not have any similarities with Never Say Die or Black Label. Besides, of course, face-melting bass and knee-capping production dynamics from some of the best producers in the heavyweight bass game.

In case you missed it yesterday on their Facebook, Disciple published a full statement regarding this week’s beef (which is very much real we’re sad to confirm). Read it below…

I’m sure most of you are aware of the twitter posts and video that was posted by Never Say Die and Skism yesterday. We wanted to write this post to address the situation as we felt it necessary to fill you guys in. 

First of all, let us begin by verifying that this was not a marketing ploy on our part or something we knew was coming (there has been lots of speculation online that we jointly organised this whole thing behind the scenes to promote our new label). We assure you that this was not the case.

What Skism said about him and Nick from Never Say Die bankrolling the label in its inception was absolutely true – in fact there were many other things they helped with. They contributed towards early label expenses to get us going, as well as introducing us to numerous contacts including our original distributor and for that we are more than grateful. We likely wouldn’t be where we are today without it. Since the beginning, they have always set the standard for how a record label should be run, and we have nothing but respect for what they have built. On the matter of yesterday’s Twitter & Facebook comments, we are in contact with Skism directly about everything that has happened, but do not wish to comment any further publicly.

We do this because we love what we do, and of course for you guys, the fans. Without your continued support, Disciple (or any labels for that matter) wouldn’t exist. In moments like this where there has been a lot of breakdown in communication, we feel it’s important to react with love and respect towards others as encouraging a divide doesn’t bring about anything good for anyone. 

It’s been a really exciting time for us as a label recently, with the signing of 12th Planet and now the launch of a new record label ‘Disciple Round Table’ as a joint venture with him. We can’t wait to help support even more artists who deserve the spotlight and to push forward this sound that we love so much. 

There comes a time in every record label’s life where the release schedule becomes full to a point where packing in any extra releases could compromise the time dedicated to the existing artists’ music. Much as Ram Records have Program, and Hospital Records have Med School, we’ve reached a point where we needed to expand. The motivation behind this was never to rip Never Say Die off here, or for it to come across as malicious.

The Disciple team.