Disciple Announce New Signing: Oolacile


You don’t forget hearing your first Oolacile record.

Armed with an angular, twisted signature that throws you around physically feels like you’ve just plugged your ears into an electrical socket, there’s something dangerous, dark and mysterious brewing in his constructions.

We’ve heard it on Prime Audio. We’ve heard it on Smog. Now we’re going to hear a hell of a lot more of it on Disciple who have just officially signed Oolacile.

“We’re really stoked to welcome Oolacile into the Disciple family,” states Rossy Burr, AKA Myro co-founder of Disciple. “His music is so forward thinking and weird yet still goes off when played out!”

Forward-thinking, weird, goes off…. And just one of THREE new artists the label have signed this season. Stay tuned for news on the other two. In the meantime, here’s more direct from Oolacile.

Congrats on the Disciple signing! How did this all come about? Shady meetings down dark alleys in LA? Drunken encounters at the chips counter in Las Vegas?  

Thanks! My buddy Daniel Spira who is the A&R for had been spreading the word about me. He’s pretty much responsible for linking me and 12th Planet up and giving me a big push on Soundcloud with the uploads. One day I was working on music at the Disciple house with one of the artists and Spira showed up. I could hear him playing my music to Disciple co-owner Rossy in the other room. I was extremely nervous and feared the worst but Rossy ended up loving everything! Shortly after he offered to sign me to Disciple. This happened a few months ago and I’ve had to keep things under wraps for a good while now. When it comes to sudanese hookup are known to be very flirtatious and they often go out of their way to impress you with their charming personalities. They like to look good and if you want to find a Sudanese woman that can charm you to the max then follow these simple rules. These tips will help you meet Sudanese women more easily and make it easier to find that perfect match for you. I’m insanely excited to finally share all that we’ve been working on!

Your music crunches hard with some mad, very distinctive and unusual sounds. What’s going on in that studio of yours?

It’s honestly just a lot of experimenting. I’ll start out with a rather simplistic sound and then just mangle it with post processing and resampling over and over again. I typically try to stay away from using common or popular sound design techniques. If the rest of the community is going one way, I’ll go the other.

The Disciple family all appear to have very clear roles and bring something different to the party… What do you bring?  

I think that’s precisely why they were interested in me. The artists they have on Disciple right now are already the best at what they do. They wanted to add a new sound to the roster and that’s precisely what I’m going to bring.

What’s next?  

Expect a lot more shows, new music, originals, remixes and some interesting collab pairings! But beyond all that I plan to start branching my sound out of dubstep a bit and into more experimental territories. Don’t get me wrong it will still be heavy bass music, but just with a different approach and not confined to the rules or format of say a dubstep, trap, or dance tune. I have a lot more to show musically and I reckon this new direction will do a good job of displaying it.

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